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Yamasuki "Le Monde Fabuleux De Yamasuki's"


"Le Monde Fabuleux De Yamasuki's"
( LP Biram Records, France, 1971 )
Catalog # 6450 901

A1 - Yamasuki 3:00
A2 - Aisere I Love You 2:35
A3 - Kono Samourai 2:25
A4 - Yamamoto Kakapote 2:29
A5 - Okawa 2:34
A6 - Aieaoa 2:37
B1 - Abana Bakana 2:45
B2 - Seyu Sayonara 2:51
B3 - Yama Yama 2:15
B4 - Fudji Yama 2:43
B5 - Yokomo 3:12
B6 - Kashi Kofima 2:55

Personnel & Credits:
Calmedo (tracks: A5)
Daniel Vangarde (tracks: A1 to A4, A6 to B3, B5, B6)
Frank Gérald (tracks: A4)
Jean Kluger (tracks: A1, A6, B2, B5, B6)
Tony Perdone (tracks: B4)

Editions Bleu Blanc Rouge
Distribution Société Phonographique Philips

This album sounds like Serge Gainsbourg conducting the Langley Schools Music Project through a rendition of the Mikado. While such a pairing may sound like a supremely bad idea (especially if there were any cute girls at the Langley School and Gainsbourg just broke up with Jane Birkin), the sound on this album is really diggable. So here's how it went down, a 70s French pop duo creates a song/dance called the Yamasuki that's a mix of the smooth funk/pop elements of the time with Japanese choruses singing the melodies, a Toshiro Mifune screaming along to the freakout bits, and hints of oriental percussion (woodblock anyone?), the kids go crazy for the single, so the duo figures why not make an album? While the kitsch of it all wears thin by the end of its 12 tracks, each song on here deserves at least one good listen. Put this in and watch your friends' expressions at the sheer coolness of "Kono Samouri" with its matched wails of some Tatsuya Nakadai-aping Japanese cat and the funky wa-wa pedal. Odds are their faces will show a mixture of confusion, awe, and a struggle with the urge to dance. Give it a shot, see what you think!

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