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Brainstorm "Funky Entertainment"


"Funky Entertainment"
( LP Tabu Records, 1978 )
Catalog # AL 35749

A1 - Hot For You 10:48
A2 - A Case Of The Boogie 9:05
B1 - Popcorn 4:46
B2 - Funky Entertainment 4:12
B3 - You Put A Charge In My Life 4:10
B4 - Don't Let Me Catch You With Your Groove Down 4:42

Personnel & Credits:
Marilyn Baker Viola
George Bohanon Trombone
Mari Botnick Concert Master
Oscar Brashear Trumpet
F. Byron Clark Engineer
Ron Cooper Cello
Rollice Dale Viola
Jay DaVersa Trumpet
Frank DeLuca Mastering Engineer
Assa Drori Violin
Deon Estus Bass
Rick Gianatos Mastering, Mixing
Elliot Gilbert Photography
Jim Gilstrap Vocals (bckgr)
Pamela Goldsmith Viola
Renell Gonsalves Arranger, Drums
Rick Hart Assistant Engineer
Jerry Hey Trumpet
Paula Hochhalter Cello
Bob Hughes Remixing
Fred Jackson Woodwind
Paul Jackson, Jr. Guitar, Sitar
Ray Kelley Cello
Robert Lipsett Concert Master
Virginia Majewski Viola
Harvey Mason, Sr. Drums
Kenny Mason Trumpet
Gwen Matthews Vocals (bckgr)
Terry Moore Assistant Engineer
Nils Oliver Cello
Chuck Overton Arranger, Leader, Saxophone, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Woodwind, Soloist
Jerry Peters Arranger, Conductor, Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr), Producer
Greg Poree Guitar
Jackson Schwartz Assistant Engineer
Haim Shtrum Concert Master
Larry Sims Horn
Maurice Spears Trombone
Stephanie Spruill Percussion
Barbara Thomason Viola
Arthur Tracy Coordination
Phil Upchurch Guitar
Tom Vickers Liner Notes
Dorothy Wade Concert Master
Ernie Watts Woodwind
Steve "Syco Steve" Williams Engineer
Steve Williams Engineer
Ty Williams Assistant Engineer
Trenita Womack Flute, Percussion, Piano, Arranger, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
Belita Woods Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
William Wooten Keyboards
Syreeta Wright Vocals (bckgr)
Ken Yerke Concert Master

It’s often been said that if an R&B act didn’t have a lot of dancefloor appeal in the late ’70s, it could forget about being commercially successful. That isn’t necessarily true; Frankie Beverly’s Maze, just to give one example, was never a dancefloor favorite and yet, all of its late-’70s albums went gold. Nonetheless, having disco appeal certainly didn’t hurt. When Brainstorm’s second album, Journey to the Light, failed to sell, some people reasoned that it was due to a shortage of up-tempo material. So with its third and final album, Funky Entertainment, the Detroit band decided to go for maximum disco appeal and make up-tempo songs a top priority. While Journey to the Light was primarily an album for listening, Funky Entertainment is very dance-oriented. In fact, the ballad “You Put a Charge in My Life” is the only thing on the LP that isn’t aimed at the dancefloor. Obviously, Brainstorm was hoping for another “Lovin’ Is Really My Name” nothing on this LP is in a class with that hit, although exuberant tunes like “Popcorn,” “Hot for You,” and “A Case of the Boogie” are mildly catchy, if unremarkable and contrived, examples of late-’70s disco/funk. Funky Entertainment wasn’t a big seller, but it did enjoy some exposure in dance clubs. At the same time, there were die-hard Brainstorm fans who felt that by neglecting ballads, slow jams, and quiet storm material, the Motor City residents were selling themselves short creatively. And, to be sure, Funky Entertainment is the least-essential and least-memorable of Brainstorm’s three albums.

By Celo

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