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Various Artists "Funk Mode"

Various Artists

"Funk Mode"
(Undiscovered Funk Gems from the Far Corners of the World)
(2xLP Scenario Records, 2005) UK
Catalog # SCLP009

A1 - Blackbusters - Old Man
A2 - Arp Life - Bu Bu
A3 - Helmut Brandenburg - Love Like A Man
A4 - Yamasuki - Yama Yama
B1 - Orchestra Henryk Debich - Bez Metalu
B2 - Billy And Friends - Ua Ua Rock
B3 - Erotissma - Le Cuple
B4 - Les Mogol - Wild Flower
C1 - Patucchi - Red Lamp
C2 - Jose Roberto - Aventura
C3 - Max Middleton - Viva Bass And Drums
C4 - Plus (2) - Put Everything Together
D1 - Santisteban - Zorongo
D2 - Frits Kaate & Jeanette Corde - Easy Evil
D3 - Sigurd Cochius - Indian Enmars
D4 - Rino De Filippi - Orientale Contemplatino

The album begins with Old Man by Blockbuster and it is funk and soul wrapped up and made to boogie. Next up is Bu Bu by Arp Life which sounds straight off a 70’s movie soundtrack with the treble up on high.
Love Like A Man by Helmuth Brandberg, the third track up has an electronic beat and keys backed up by a strong soul horns section. Its’ funk rhythms and electronic sound makes you think it’s been reworked for a more danceable tune, after this track the order and pace is mixed, giving the albums mood a diverse range.
Slower tracks like the finale, Orientale Contemplatino by Rino De Filippi and Put Everything Together by Plus bring a depth of pace to the album. The quality of the songs, not needing to be mixed together is like the sets from Russ Dewbury or Karsten John. Where each song stands out by themselves with their funk and their rhythms and melodies from all around the world. But mostly the funk.
Alfonso Santisteban evokes a world of opulent pleasure coupled with the suspense like in a James Bond movie with the song Zorongo while the pure, big roomed sounding Easy Evil is a jazz classic from Kwartet Frits Kaatee & Jeanette Corde. The easy rhythm, keys and sax meld an easy beat under the most soulful, dark tones of a female vocalist who breathes through the song like a soft, favourite blanket.
Yama Yama by Yamasuki has an Asian chorus singing behind this slow melodic track. A muted wah wah guitar and drums move it through. Wild Flower by Les Mogol from Turkey has a Middle Eastern flavour with acoustic guitars, hand drums and keyboards. A slow bass, a whistling flute and a crazy short yodel introduce the creeping song Indian Enmars. Sigurd Cochius is the artist, and the liner notes mention courtesy of Laverland (Holland). These obscure backgrounds of influences and style are testament to Creators habit of collection and the sense of funk and style he has brought out of that collection.
Those who like a relaxed and stylish background style of music, such as that performed by the previously mentioned Russ Drewbury should go for this album.

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