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Atlantic Starr "Atlantic Starr"

Atlantic Starr

"Atlantic Starr"
( LP A&M Records, 1978 )
Catalog # SP-4711

A1 Stand Up
A2 Keep It Comin'
A3 Visions
A4 Being In Love With You Is So Much Fun
A5 (I'll Never Miss) The Love I Never Had
B1 Gimme Your Lovin'
B2 With Your Love I Come Alive
B3 We Got It Together
B4 Don't Abuse My Love
B5 Where There's Smoke There's Fire

Atlantic Starr was still trying to get its sound together when this, its first album to the hit the charts, was released. The nine-piece band had an impressive showing on the Billboard R&B charts with "Stand Up" and "Keep It Comin'." The former, led by Wayne Lewis, is a hand-clapping affair with a humpin' funk groove. The latter, led by Sharon Bryant and David Lewis, is a decent effort. Respectively, they both peaked at 16 and 49 on the charts. "(I'll Never Miss) The Love I Never Had" is a notable number. David Lewis comes across with a more convincing delivery than on the other selections he is featured on. The most engaging number is "With Your Love I Come Alive," which showcases Porter Carroll Jr. on lead. His tenor is brawny yet agile and his delivery comes with an unrehearsed feel. Wayne Lewis' vocals were still in a developmental stage, and he had not yet grasped that imposing tone he would later master.
By Craig Lytle (AMG)

By Celo


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