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Extra Ball "Marlboro Country"

Extra Ball

"Marlboro Country"
( LP Poljazz Records, 1978 )
Catalog # POLJAZZ Z-SX-0687

01 - Marlboro Country (J. îmietana)
02 - Pierwsza Wersja (J. îmietana)
03 - Weso¦a Pie£± Dla Keesa (J. îmietana)
04 - Nocne Impresje (J. îmietana)
05 - Pie£± Dla Elvina Jonesa (Z. Wegehaupt)
06 - Krakowski Festiwal Jazzowy (J. îmietana)

Extra Ball was born in January 1974 in a club Pod Jaszczurami in Cracow. The first line-up consisted of Jaroslaw Smietana guitar, leader, Wladyslaw Sendecki - electric piano, Jan Cichy - bass guitar and Benedykt Radecki - drums. Jaroslaw Smietana explained the origin of band's name: "When we begun playing in Pod Jaszczurami there were automatic billiards pools launched there. They were very popular and the bonus for good play was an extra ball".
Extra Ball's true debut took place during the festival Jazz nad Odra in the same year where the band gained the second prize. In 1975 the band played on further contests and toured the USSR in Autumn that year.

By Celo

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