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The Metro-Tones, Inc. "Get Together" Re-Uploaded

The Metro-Tones, Inc.

"Get Together"
( LP Savoy Records, 1973 )
Catalog # MG 14326 Stereo

Side A
Get Together (Vocal)
Get Together (Instrumental)
You Can Do It (If You Put Your Mind To It)
The Message
Open Up My Heart
Side B
Why Won't You Love a Man Like This (Vocal)
Why Won't You Love a Man Like This (Instrumental)
Nobody Knows
Why Am I Treated So Bad
People Get Ready

Note Info:
The Metro-Tones, Inc.
of Atlanta, GA.
The Metro-Tones, Inc. are a dynamic group of young men from Atlanta, Georgia with talents unlimited. Each person is an accomplished singer and musician in his own right.
James Conley, Leader of the group, is known troughout the United States and Europe for his unique and inimitable style. James began playing the piano at the age of seven. At the age of sixteen he was traveling with Rev. C. L. Franklin. At age twenty James went on his first tour of Europe with Inez Andrews and the Andrewettes, It was the ingenuity of the James Conley sound that gave many popular groups a new progressive sound. James displayed his talents on many occasions for many outstanding artists such as the Dorothy Norwood Singers, the Davis Sisters, Cassietta George, and Harrisson Johnson and the Los Angeles Community Choir. He has written songs for Jessie Dixon and others. James credits his inspiration to pursue his musical career to the ever-famous Rev. James Cleveland.
In this album, which James Conley produced, he is featured singing, playing piano, electric piano and organ. James wrote many of the selections and also arranged all of the songs of this album.
Winston Cobb sings second tenor on this album. He is also a very versatile musician. Winston plays drums, piano, organ, trumpet and guitar. He has played drums for such fine artists as Dorothy Norwood and Inez Andrews. A talented young song writer, Winston also arranges and directs. He is featured on drums and cobosa on this album.
Ernest Marshall sings the colorful first tenor on this album. He is also talented in playing guitar, writing songs and arranging songs. Ernest, better known to the Metro-Tones, Inc. as "Truman", assisted in the selection and arrangement of tunes for this album.
Winston and Ernest have sung together for many years. They often accompanied their own singing on vaious instruments. After meeting James Conley, the three put their talents together and developed an original style of "message songs" of the caliber presented in this album.
Bernard Gainey is a recent addition to the Metro-Tones, Inc. He sings baritone on four of the selections featured. Bernard also plays bass guitar, writes and arranges songs.
By Barbara Jackson Cobb


Get together (James Conley)
You can do it (if you put your mind to it) (Karl Tarleton)
The Message (C. M. Lord)
Open up my heart (B. Miller()
Why won't you love a man like this (Karl Tarleton)
Nobody knows (James Conley)
Why am I treated so bad (R. Staple)
People get ready (Curtis Mayfield)

Produced by Fred Mendelsohn

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