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Bobby Timmons ''The Prestige Trio Sessions''

Bobby Timmons

''The Prestige Trio Sessions''
( Prestige Records, 1964 )
Catalog # PRSG PRECD24277
(Re-issue of 2 LPs, 2003)

1.Little Barefoot Soul, A
3.Little One
4.Cut Me Loose Charlie
5.Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout It
6.Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
8.Walking Death
9.O Grande Amor
10.Gettin' It Togetha'
11.I Could Have Danced All Night
12.Someone to Watch Over Me

Personnel & Credits:
Bobby Timmons (piano)
Sam Jones, Keter Betts (bass)
Albert "Tootie" Heath, Ray Lucas (drums)
Audio Remasterer: Kirk Felton.
Liner Note Authors: Joel Dorn; Chris Albertson.

Recorded at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs,
New Jersey on June 18, 1964 and August 12, 1964.
THE PRESTIGE TRIO SESSIONS contains 2 LPs on 1 record set:

This reissue combines two long-available Prestige LPs by Bobby Timmons, Little Barefoot Soul and Chun-King. The first date was actually the pianist's debut for the label, and it nearly didn't take place at all. A quintet session suddenly turned into a trio with bassist Sam Jones and Ray Lucas, the latter a last minute substitution on drums. Although Timmons' jazz immortality was assured with his earlier hit "Moanin'," most of the originals sound as if they were written shortly beforehand and were still evolving. The standout among them is easily
"A Little Barefoot Soul," a piece which gets underway without the leader at all. But its catchy gospel flavor eventually gives way to a driving, bluesy hard bop setting. Timmons' solo interpretation of the spiritual "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" is another gem. The later 1964 session matches Timmons with bassist Keter Betts and drummer Tootie Heath and draws from a much wider range of material. The opener, "Chun-King," was co-written by Betts with Charlie Byrd and features an extensive bass solo. Timmons contributed two compositions, the gospel-inflected "Getting' It Togetha'" (with the call and response played by the pianist alone) and the happy, strutting, and very oddly titled blues "Walking Death." Rounding out the date are some very familiar works, including the bossa nova " "O Grande Amour" and the standards "I Could Have Danced All Night" and "Someone to Watch Over Me." Timmons' fans will rejoice with the return of this long out of print music.
Ken Dryden

Wicked work by Bobby Timmons -- two albums recorded during a less-documented period in the life of this amazing soul jazz pianist, both of them killers all the way through! Bobby got his start in the group of Art Blakey -- where he first wrote some incredible soul jazz hits, and got the chance to record a number of mellower sides for Riverside. But by the time of these two albums -- Little Barefoot Soul and Chun-King -- Timmons' was one of the more free-thinking pianists in jazz -- still a soul jazz player who could groove like a mofo, but willing to stretch things out and mess up the groove a bit more than the rest. Both of these sides are trio ones, but that doesn't stop them from being as intense as any of Timmons' larger group sessions, as the interplay between bass, drums, and piano is incredible -- filled with fire, soul, and a sense of space that makes each note count a heck of a lot more than on some of the showier sides by other players. We love both of these records to death, and it's wonderful to have them together on one record set -- so that we can plug in, kick back, and listen to over 70 minutes of work by one of our favorite piano players ever! Titles include "A Little Barefoot Soul", "Chun King", "Walking Death", "O Grande Amor", "Getting It Together", "Ain't Thinkin Bout It", and "Cut Me Loose Charlie".
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By Pier

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Sergio said...

Bobby Timmons was a soulful player. I only have "CHUN-KING" so the other session is a great gift. Many thanks!

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