Monday, 21 December 2009

Merry Xmas WP Motherfuckers!

That was ridicolous....


From Mark -

Your disclaimer has no legal basis and your blog is breaking the law.
It has to leave.

There is only one way - remove every download link, to not offer music for free that is not yours to give away.

The blog is open but Private.
You can edit / export as needed.
But please do not make the blog public - that would mean suspension.

As the blog is Private no-one can see it so there are no worries about the comments.

After this, the MFS blog was definitively blocked,
within any announcement....


This was the ''Word Press'' novela (soap opera)
It is gourgeous that, after this, he never respond to me.
I think that WP is a fascist site- i mean the intimate ''But please do not make the blog public - that would mean suspension'' and said ''please'' to me was very funny.

So, adeus to that enormous shit and to all that had contributed for the WP shuting off (i know all of you)
Merry Xmas, WP motherfuckers!

PS: noto che ci sono innumerevoli blog su Word Press che postano a più non posso cose anche più nuove di quelle postate da noi, e che vanno avanti spediti e tranquilli.
Spero solo che un giorno ci sia più giustizia, meno invidia e meno delatori in Web.
Certe persone dovrebbero vergognarsi....chi vuol intendere intenda....


Bill said...

Don`t let the bastards grind you down.Keep on keeping on.Thanks for a GREAT year of posts,I`m looking forward to another. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all at MFS.

Flormega said...

Tanti auguri di buone feste!!!!Un'abbraccio!!

Bacoso said...

what a complete cunt....motherfucker is far too polite

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

Yes Bacoso...this was the shittin'-soap...incredible!

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