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Brecker Brothers "Blue Montreux"

Brecker Brothers

"Blue Montreux"
( LP Arista Records, 1978 )
Catalog # AL 4224

1 - Blue Montreux 8:47
2 - Rocks 7:54
3 - I'm Sorry 8:38
4 - A Funky Waltz 5:56
5 - Floating 7:53
6 - Uptown Ed 6:35
7 - Cloud Motion 9:27
8 - Love Play 10:52

A sweet session of 70s electric jazz recorded as a unique live all-star outing by a group of Arista's best jazz players at the time! The group's an octet, but plays together in differing formations throughout the record with Warren Bernhardt on keyboards, Michael Brecker on saxes, Randy Brecker on trumpet, Steve Jordan on drums, Steve Khan and Larry Coryell on guitars, Tony Levin on bass, and Mike Maineri on vibes the last of which really make for some of the best numbers on the album! Bernhardt's keyboards are pretty good too stepping out with a spacious, fluid feel that's never jamming and more in the open-ended Bob James side of the spectrum, although his overall sound is a lot different than Bob's! Titles include "Blue Montreux", "Rocks", "I'm Sorry", "Magic Carpet", "Buds", "Floating", and "The Virgin & The Gypsy".
From Dusty Groove America, Inc.

Review 2:
At the 1978 Montreux Jazz Festival, a variety of artists (including keyboardist Warren Bernhardt, tenor-saxophonist Michael Brecker, guitarists Steve Khan and Larry Coryell, trumpeter Randy Brecker and vibraphonist Mike Mainieri) recorded a dozen funky selections which were originally released on two Arista LPs. This single set has the eight top performances from these important fusion stylists; Michael Brecker in particular is in good form. The results are not essential but offer listeners a time capsule of where R&B-oriented fusion was in 1978.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

Also on Bluebird Rec., Cat.# Bluebird 6573-2-RB11

By Celo


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grandissimi i brecker!!!!Grazie 1000!!!!

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great band thx

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Thanks Celo!

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