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Various Artists ”Henry Stone Presents The T.K. Disco 45 Collection Vol.1”

Various Artists

”Henry Stone Presents The T.K. Disco 45 Collection Vol.1”
( Compilation WestSide Records, 1999 )

Disc 1
At The Top Of The Stairs 7:17 Wild Honey 1976
Disco Magic 7:10 T-Connection 1976
Lady Fingers 5:16 Tony Middleton 1976
Let’s Love 5:19 Foxy 1976
Hey Sexy Dancer 4:11 Rocky Mizell 1976
We Got Love On Our Side 6:19 Silver Blue 1976
Funk Machine 7:58 Funk Machine 1977
Do What You Wanna Do 7:13 T-Connection 1977
Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me 7:51 Peter Brown 1977
Music To My Heart 4:20 Julie Bodd 1977
Superman 5:07 Celi Bee and the Buzzy Bunch 1977
The Way You Do The Things You Do 8:25 Foxy 1977
Disc 2
One Love 8:07 Celi Bee and the Buzzy Bunch 1977
Don’t Turn Away 4:29 Midnite Flite 1977
Harlem Nocturne 5:10 WildFlower 1977
On Fire (Getting Hire) 7:22 T-Connection 1977
Heavenly 5:09 Eli’s Second Coming 1977
Dance With Me 5:08 Peter Brown featuring Betty Wright 1977
Funk Reaction 5:47 Lonnie Smith 1977
Get Off 5:42 Foxy 1977
Two Doors Open 6:08 Joe Thomas 1977
Bertha Butt Encounters Vadar 5:56 Jimmy Castor Bunch 1977
Hold Your Horses, Babe 6:30 Celi Bee and the Buzzy Bunch 1999
Platoe’s Retreat 6:34 Joe Thomas 1977
Dance To The Drummer’s Beat 5:09 Herman Kelly & Life 1977

Every song is true to the spirit and the songs have been chosen well from TK’s catalogue. I had heard a lot of Peter Brown before – if you haven’t heard ‘Do you wanna get funky with me’ yet then this issue is worth it.

More on Mr.Stone here.

By Pier

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