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Carleen Anderson “Soul Providence”

Carleen Anderson

Soul Providence
( Dome Records, 2005 )
Catalog # 59

01 Soul Stream Intro
02 A Different Me
03 Gotta Believe in the Future
04 Whose Business?
05 Wanna Be Where You Are
06 Careful
07 My Door Is Open
08 All in My Mind
09 Sweetness
10 Parting the Waters
11 Just Like Me
12 Little Wouldn’t I Do
13 The Preacher’s Prayer
14 Salvation Is Free
15 Soul Stream Outro
16 Onwards & Forwards

R&B singer Carleen Anderson was introduced to music at an early age, as both her mother (Vicki Anderson) and stepfather (pianist Bobby Byrd) toured throughout the ’60s and ’70s with the great James Brown. Due to her parents constantly being on the road, Anderson grew up in Houston, TX, and was raised by her grandparents, until relocating to Los Angeles to study music at the University of South California. Interestingly, Anderson was at first pursuing a career in teaching music, not performing, but when she was invited by her mother to sing at a J.B. All Stars in London circa 1988, Anderson changed her mind. She set up a residence in England, joining up with Young Disciples in the early ’90s and appearing on their lone full-length release, 1991’s Road to Freedom. After Young Disciples split in 1993, Anderson embarked on a solo career, issuing a pair of releases — 1994’s True Spirit and 1998’s Blessed Burden, in addition to lending her talents to recordings by such acclaimed British artists as Bryan Ferry (1994’s Mamouna), Paul Weller, (1992’s self-titled release and 1995’s Stanley Road), and Dr. John (1998’s Anutha Zone). Anderson was then invited to join the Brand New Heavies, but the union only last a short while, as she split from the group in the early 21st century to work on a third solo album.
By Greg Prato (AMG)

Incredible work from one of the greatest living soul singers — the best album in years from Carleen Anderson, and a record that really lives up to the promise that gripped us when we first heard her with the Young Disciples! Anderson’s the daughter of James Brown diva Vicki Anderson — and with a pedigree like that, she’s got a lot to live up to. But with a record like this, she more than lives up to her heritage — and in fact even surpasses it — by going farther than Vicki ever did! The arrangements have a great feel that mix the folksy qualities of some of her recent work with the more straightforward groove of earlier sets — and Carleen’s vocals still have that wonderfully rich feel that belies her gospel roots, yet come across with a leaner, smoother style more tuned towards the grooves of the set.
From Dusty Groove America

By Rob

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