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Mongo Santamaria Y Su Orquesta “Sabroso!”

Mongo Santamaria Y Su Orquesta

( LP Fantasy Records, 1960 )
Catalog # 3314

01 Que Maravilloso 2:43
02 En la Felicidad 2:04
03 Pachanga Pa’ Ti [Pachanga] 2:21
04 Tulibamba 3:58
05 Mambo de Cuco [Pachanga] 3:50
06 El Bote 3:56
07 Pito Pito [Mambo] 2:43
08 Guaguanco Mania 2:30
09 Ja, Ja-Ja 3:00
10 Tula Hula 2:36
11 Dimeolo [Charanga] 2:32
12 A La Luna Me Voy [Charanga] 3:05
13 Para Ti 6:02

Marcus Cabuto, Louis Valizan (tp)
Rolando Lozano (fl)
Jose “Chombo” Silva (ts, vln)
Felix “Pupi” Legarreta (vln)
Rene Hernandez (p)
Victor Venegas (b)
Willie Bobo (tim)
Pete Escovedo, Bayardo Verlardi (per, vo)
Rudy Calzado (vo)
Mongo Santamaria (ldr)

Also Mongo Santamaria – !Sabroso! Charanga Y Pachanga (Fantasy LP 3314, LP 8058)
Also Mongo Santamaria – Sabroso (Fantasy OJC 281, OJCCD 281-2)
Recorded in San Francisco, CA, 1960

At the time that Sabroso was recorded, Mongo Santamaria’s group was essentially a charanga band with two trumpets added, a combination that works quite well. The group has superior playing by Jose “Chombo” Silva on both violin and tenor (helping “Para Ti” to become a classic), two little-known but talented trumpeters (Louis Valizan and Marcus Cabuto), the great flutist Rolando Lozano, pianist Rene Hernandez, bassist Victor Venegas, and Willie Bobo on drums. Pete Escovedo is one of the background singers as Rudi Calzado takes the lead on a few numbers but does not dominate. There are many fine individual moments on this joyous and infectious set.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

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