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Sugar Loaf ”Soul Strutting”

Sugar Loaf

Soul Strutting
( LP RCA Records, UK, 1970 )
Catalog # RCA INTS 1113

Baby you turn me on
Cleo’s mood
Hard down
If i had a hammer
Papa’s got a brand new bag
Pearl time
Soul clap ‘69
Soul walk
Soulful strut
Time is tight
You can’t sit down

Original UK pressing on the pale green RCA Camden Label (ZGBS 0338) from 1970. Seldom seen UK hammond funk at its very best! Forget all about The Mohawks, KPM Library funk, Rob Franklin etc and check-out some proper British groove rammed with outstanding trax, breaks and beats for DJs and collectors! Before some of you out there get confused, this Sugar Loaf has nothing to do with the US rock / psych outfit OK?!? This is an indemand and very hard to source period piece by an unknown band who (according to the back sleeve) toured American airforce bases and underground clubs in the UK during the late ’60s! In reality, it is mostly a very clever ‘cash-in’ job of ‘discoteque’ hits of the day, funk and soul cover versions, funked-up to the max mashing-up hits by James Brown et al! Even more interesting tho’, their original compositions are just as good, probably better! Nearly every single track features screaming, pumping hammond solos, funky drums, fender bass, clipped guitar, tuff sounding horns / brass section and percussion! To say this Lp is hot is an understatement! Check out: TIME IS TIGHT (with super-funky congas!), PAPA’S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG (a wicked version, way better than the JB original featuring hard hammond solos and heavy brass!), YOU CAN’T SIT DOWN (watch out for the insane drum breaks and solos from the band!), BABY YOU TURN ME ON, SOULFUL STRUT, SOUL WALK, HARD DOWN (yet another massive DJ spin!), SOUL CLAP ‘69, HAMMER, the list goes on! This Lp will blow you all away, a ‘must’ for serious Mod, funk and soul fans!!!

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