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Stanley Turrentine ”Stan “The Man” Turrentine”

Stanley Turrentine

Stan “The Man” Turrentine
( LP Time Records, early 1960 )
Catalog # M 52086

Let’s Groove
Stolen Sweets
Minor Mood
Time After Time
(This 4 tracks, Sonny Clark (p) replaces Flanagan
same location, date)
Mild Is The Mood
My Girl Is Just Enough Woman For Me

Personnel & Notes:
Stanley Turrentine (ts)
Tommy Flanagan (p)
George Duvivier (b)
Max Roach (d -1/3)
Recorded in NYC, early 1960
Also issued on Time S 2086
Original on Bainbridge Rec.?

His earliest album with Turrentine on sax, Sonny Clark or Tommy Flanagan on piano, George Duvivier on bass, and Max Roach on drums. This tends to be uptempo and mainstream. It lacks the distinctive Turrentine sound that later albums show.
By Michael Erlewine (AMG)

Not a wonderful rip, probably ripped at a low bitrate and then converted to a decent. If someone have in a better bitrate, please send a drop for us.
Anyway, a good chance to listen this gem. You have liked it? Beat the store!
More info on Stan The Man here.

By Pier

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