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Reggie Moore ”Wishbone”

Reggie Moore

( LP Mainstream Records, 1971 )
Catalog # MRL 341

Side One: (TT- 17:10)
Wishbone- 3:42 (Reggie Moore)
What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life- 8:21 (M&A Bergman)
Fuzzy- 5:07 (Reggie Moore)
Side Two: (TT- 19:33)
Pinnochio- 3:40 (Wayne Shorter)
Vonetta- 5:48 (Wayne Shorter)
Have Mercy- 4:35 (Reggie Moore)
A Love Remembered- 5:30 (Reggie Moore)
TT- 36:43

Reggie Moore- Piano
Hank Haynie- Electric Bass & Fender Bass
Chip Lyles- Drums

(MRL 341) 1971 (Unipak)
“A Red Lion Production” Stylized Lion Logo
Produced by: Bob Shad
Engineer: Carmine Rubino
Photography: Raymond Ross
Liner Notes: Nat Hentoff

Short Review:
Rare original US 1971 LP by jazz piano player Reggie Moore, contains the funky jazz track “Fuzzy”.

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