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Stanton Moore Trio ”Emphasis! (On Parenthesis)”

Stanton Moore Trio

Emphasis! (On Parenthesis)
( Telarc Records, 2008 )
Catalog # 83681

1. (Late Night At The) Maple Leaf 6:27
2. (Proper) Gander 2:56
3. Wissions (of Vu) 3:22
4. (Sifting Through The) African Diaspora 5:10
5. Over (Compensatin’) 4:37
6. (Smell My) Special Ingredients 5:39
7. (I Have) Super Strength 3:48
8. (Who Ate The) Layer Cake? 4:28
9. Thanks! (Again) 2:57
10. (Put On Your) Big People Shoes 4:07
11. (Here Come) The Brown Police 3:19

Stanton Moore: drums
Will Bernard: guitar
Robert Walter: Hammond B3, piano, toy piano and clavinet
Michael Skinkus: shakere (6)
Robert Wilmott Walter: vocals (7)

Credits & Notes:
Producer – Mike Napolitano (tracks: (Tracks: 1-11)),
Stanton Moore (tracks: (Tracks: 1-11))
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Napolitano
Recorded at Dockside Studios – Lafayette, LA
November 29th – December 2nd, 2007
Mixed at Nappy Dugout – New Orleans, LA
Mixing Assistant: Benjamin Mumphrey
Mastered by Bruce Barielle
Released: 22 Apr 2008

Does Stanton Moore have the greatest snare sound (ever)? With Robert Walter on keys and Will Bernard on guitar, what’s not to love (about this)? These guys know how to have a (really) good time, as the song titles will attest. For instance, check out the (toy) piano solo on Wissions (of Vu). Schroeder (and Margaret Leng Tan), eat your hearts out. One gripe: it’s a mere 47 minutes (long). Skerik’s tenor, which filled out much of Moore’s previous release (III), is not really missed here–Moore manages to make the drums sound like a lead instrument–but if a horn player had guested on, say, two additional tracks, this would hardly be overcompensatin’. At any rate, great Telarc sound (as is so often the case).
By Anthony Cooper (Amazon)

More Stanton Moore’s Emphasis here.

E-Mile Note:
”Hi MFS equipe,
seems the Tony Monaco was a blast,
(I know, it is a blast :-)
maybe I’ve got something here I purchased not so long ago, that
would be also interesting to share…
(I posted this too at the friendly but more jazzy orientated folks
over at the Dark Blue Notes-blog also btw)
I feel this should be right at home for MFS and it’s listeners,
it’s not kinda OOP or rare, just very exciting & very funky :-)
PLEASE do buy this record if you like it!!!
Again, MFS equipe. my sincere love & thanks
for all the work you put into the blog-o-sphere,
be good & be safe,

Courtesy of E-Mile of E-Mile Says Songs Do The Matter blog (More & more thanks man!)


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no password required, link donated!

Guy Magic said...

A great album with top notch playing all around!

Thank you MFS and E-Mile.

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