Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Souljazz Orchestra “Uprooted”

The Souljazz Orchestra

( LP Funk Manchu Records, 2005 )

1. Quest (5:34)
2. Red Light (6:33)
3. Molotov Cocktail (3:33)
4. Sankofa (5:34)
5. BBQ Ribs & Fried Chicken (7:13)
6. Chango (6:18)
7. Satellites In Orbit (4:12)
8. Oscillations (3:52)
9. Centretown (5:51)

This is a killer album… It covers a lot of ground, from funk to afrobeat to straight up jazz, but it holds together nicely. If you like bands like Poets of Rhythm, Antibalas, Nostalgia 77, or 70s Herbie Hancock you’ll definetely dig these guys.

Souljazz Orchestra website.

By Celo

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