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Alan Hawkshaw / Keith Mansfield / David Gold ”Soul Organ Showcase – KPM 1027”

Alan Hawkshaw / Keith Mansfield / David Gold

”Soul Organ Showcase – KPM 1027
( LP KPM (UK), 1968 )
Catalog # 1027

1.Piccadilly Night Ride
2.Beat Boutique
4.Organ Mania
5.London Hilton
6.View Point
7.Soul Organ Impromptu
8.Soul Organ Blues
9.Organ Blower
10.Steady seller
11.Young Emotions
12.Start The Day Right
13.The Reporter
14.Close Down
15.Buil Up
16.Good Thing Going
17.Regent Street
18.Mad Moent

Ultra modern rhythmic instrumentals featuring Hammond Leslie organ
played by Alan Hawkshaw, the finest exponent of this type of music
in Britain” No need to introduce this one, probably the most sought
after in the whole KPM series, Alan Hawkshaw of the Mohawks shows
some of the best Organ solos ever recorded, with heavy drums and
thumping baselines, been sampled and used on too many compilations
to mention.
From Popsike

…the pleasure of the search…

Ultra-hip organ work from one of the all-time greats — mighty British maestro Alan Hawkshaw, heard here in a glittering assortment of instrumentals that definitely live up to the title! Hawkshaw’s playing both Hammond and Leslie organs — often with a romping, upbeat style that’s mod 60s London at its best — but sometimes showing the more laidback, spacious styles he’d use more heavily in the 70s — a wonderful blend that makes for a great deal of diversity, and which keeps things sounding extremely fresh throughout. The album’s features tracks that include “Soul Organ Blues”, “Organ Blower”, “Beat Boutique”, “Concord”, “Organ Mania”, “Build Up”, “Regent Street”, “Mad Moment”, “Picadilly Night Ride”, and “Beat Boutique”.
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