Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Fanga “Natural Juice”


Natural Juice
( 2xLP Cosmic Groove Records, France 2007 )

1. Crache La Douleur
2. Natural Juice “Ashanti Mix” (Short dit)
3. Kononi
4. Ni I Matoro
5. I Dindn’t Know
6. Iba “The Funkyalafia Mix”
7. Bolli “It’s Time For Juju Music”
8. Noble Tree
9. Keneya
10. Kelen
11. Noble Tree “Notaliban Remix”

A beautiful groove from one of the hippest Afro Funk combos around! “Noble Tree” is an extended tune that runs for nearly 10 minutes in length — spinning out with lots of space for instrumental solos on keyboards and some especially wild saxes — all with just a bit of vocals from Segun Damisa that snake in and out of the instrumental mix! The “Notaliban mix” is somewhat more focused, and almost jazzy at times — and the single’s backed by the 11 minute “Crache La Douleur”, taken here with plenty of space for Tony Allen to do some guest work on drums!

By Celo

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for both fanga the (p)word is


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