Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Fanga “Afrokaliptyk”


( LP Cosmic Groove Records, France 2003 )

1. A Bi Namé
2. Nafolo Tigui
3. Tambour D’O
4. Fatoya
5. Mogho Vibes
6. Mogho Son Magne
7. N’Koro
8. Nafolo Groove
9. Kalo Tigué
10. Mousso
11. Doncli Fitini
12. Wouarri
13. Fatoya (Instrum.)

FANGA is a French combo located in Montpellier and their music is in the tradition of Fela Kuti! It’s a great mix of Afrobeat, dub and electro jazz with “Korbo” spoken word of Burkinabé. 13 tracks include “A Bi Namé”, “Nafolo Tigui”, “Fatoya”, “Mogho Vibes” and “Mousso”.

By Celo

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