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Second Direction ''Four Corners''

Second Direction

''Four Corners''
( Spinning Wheel Records, Reissue, 2002 )
Original Record Trend Records, Germany, 1976
Catalog # TLP-004

01 Freeland
02 Storm Flute
03 Peace
04 Praeludium No.3
05 Steamer
06 Flying Carpet Ride
07 Blue Dilemma
08 Four Corners

Notes & Personnel Info:
Second Direction: Fritz Munzer (saxophone, flute)
Karl Heinz Merkel (electric piano, keyboards)
Gerhard Spirka (bass)
Val Hargreaves (drums).
Additional personnel: Jorg Gebhard (congas).
Recorded at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany in 1976.

A funky fusion classic! Second Direction are certainly not a household name -- but this well-grooving German combo has a great sound that mixes Latin rhythms with modal electric playing, very much in the mode of some of the best MPS work of the time, or of some of the jazzier groups on the Glucklich series of compilations. This album's their one real legacy -- and despite it's lost status, it's got a tight feel that's held up very well over the years! Drums are tight, keyboards are spacey and groovy, and there's some soulful solos on sax and flute that give the record an honest open finish. Ttiles include "Steamer", "Blue Dilemma", "Peace", "Storm Flute", and "Freeland".
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Looks like a good `un! Thanks for the share.

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Cazzo Ke lusso il blog nuovo!!!!!!!!

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