Monday, 4 January 2010

The Cabildo's Three "Yuxtaposicion"

The Cabildo's Three

( LP Schema Records, 1997 )
Catalog # SCMA 902

1 - Yuxtaposicion
2 - Don't Put Me in the Shade
3 - Collection Samba
4 - Two Types of Complexion
5 - Hierro Forjado
6 - Jesus Maria District
7 - African Penta Song
8 - El Sonido Azul
9 - Castenada Drive
10 - Akorin

Very cool stuff from Italy in the 70's. This tight little combo featuring Fender Rhodes, electric bass, and congas lays down some super tight grooves with a very deep, very funky, very laid back feel. Originally intended for soundtrack use in TV and commercials, this disc has finally been released to the public, and it's been worth the wait! As great as the words "Fender Rhodes", "Italy", and "congas" might suggest, and even better upon repeated listenings. Some tracks have a slightly Latin feel, while others sound like super mellow CTI grooves. Excellent stuff, and it's hardly been off our turntable this month!
From Dusty Groove America.

By Celo


Anonymous said...

pass: myfavouritesound

Rob said...

La Schema non mi delude mai, gran bella etichetta! L'album mi piace parecchio. Grazie Cla

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