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The Checkmates LTD. "Chessboard Corporation F/S/O"

The Checkmates LTD.

"Chessboard Corporation F/S/O"
( LP Rustic Records, 1974 )
Catalog # RR-2004

01 Louie the Piper
02 (Ain't a) Goddamned Thing Going On
03 I Must Be Dreaming
04 Street of Dreams
05 Pretty Balloons
06 Sexy Ways
07 Might Get Betta
08 Coming Down
09 Run Nigger Run
10 Got To See U Soon

The Checkmates Ltd. were a long-time Soul act. By the time Chessboard Corporation F/S/O came out, they’d updated their sound to release their best album. Louie The Piper is a perfect example with a chugging beat and soulful singing by Bobby Stevens. There’s also the slow and groovy (Ain’t A) Goddamned Thang Going On. Sexy Ways is in a similar mood with a winding horn line. I Must Be Dreaming sounds like what you might expect from the title, but the main melody played on either a flute or synthesizer would make a perfect loop. Street Of Dreams is a soulful Rock tune with fuzz guitar and horns.

By Celo


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