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Marc Moulin ''Placebo Years 1971 - 1974''

Marc Moulin

''Placebo Years 1971 - 1974''
( Compilation Blue Note Records, 2006 )
Catalog # 00946 356688 2 7

1. Balek
2. Humpty Dumpty
3. N.W.
4. Polk
5. Showbizz Suite
6. S.U.S.
7. Aria
8. Stomp
9. Red Net

Personnel & Credits:
Acoustic Guitar - Nick Kletchkovsky, Philip Catherine
Arranged By - Marc Moulin
Clarinet [Bass] - Johnny Dover
Drums - Bruno Castellucci , Freddy Rottier, Garcia Morales, Jean-Pierre Oenraedt
Flugelhorn - Nick Fissette, Richard Rousselet
Flute - Alex Scorier, Johnny Dover
Guitar - Nick Kletchkovsky, Philip Catherine
Keyboards - Marc Moulin
Mastered By [Remastering] - Piet De Wachter
Percussion - Bruno Castellucci, Freddy Rottie, Garcia Morales, Jean-Pierre Oenraedt
Producer - Marc Moulin
Saxophone - Alex Scorier
Saxophone [Baritone] - Johnny Dover
Synthesizer - Marc Moulin
Trombone - Frans Van Dijk
Trumpet - Nick Fissette, Richard Rousselet
Trumpet [Electric] - Nick Fissette, Richard Rousselet

A2 & B2 are from LP "Ball of Eyes" (recorded in august 1971)
A1 & A4 are from LP "1973" (recorded in April 1973 at Start Studio by Jean Paques)
A3, B1 & B3 are from LP "Placebo" (recorded in February 1974 at Studio Madeleine by Roland Leclercq)
Compilation of Moulin's years with avant-garde jazz/rock band Placebo (NOT the Britpop band), recorded between 1971-74. Moulin would later reach wider fame with his electronic outfit, Telex. EMI.

Marc Moulin was a Belgian musician and journalist (print, radio, TV). He was a member of the avant-garde rock band Aksak Maboul in 1977 and formed the pop group Telex in 1978. Next to that Moulin was one of Belgium's jazz legends, making jazz records for over 30 years.

Covers here.

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