Saturday, 16 January 2010

MFS Radio Presents: ”We Are The Fans!” (B3 Organ & Other Jazzy Sounds) (The Tracks)

MFS Radio Presents:

”We Are The Fans!”
(B3 Organ & Other Jazzy Sounds)
(The Tracks) – Compilation (Various Artists)

1. Paul Bryant – Burnin’
2. Baby Face Willette – Roll ‘Em Pete
3. Jack McDuff – Pressure Gauge
4. Odell Brown & The Organ-Izers – Raising The Roof
5. Charles Kynard – Rock Steady
6. George Semper – Shortnin Bread
7. Sam Lazar – Scootin’
8. Willis ‘Gator Tail’ Jackson – Bar Wars
9. Phil Upchurch – Crosstown Traffic
10. Nathan Davis – Stick Buddy
11. Leon Ferguson & The Groove Ton – Stockin’
12. Rufus Harley – Malika
13. Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes – Misty (LP Version)
14. Charles Kynard – Zebra Walk
15. Charles Earland – Sing A Simple Song
16. Lonnie Smith – Spinning Wheel (Live)
17. Jimmy Ponder – Mean Streets-No Bridges
18. Lou Donaldson – Who’s Making Love?

Selected & Organ-Ized By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2010

Radio podcast available here.


Anonymous said...



Guy Magic said...

A hand-picked selection of fine Hammond grooves by the Jazzy P. - YESSSS! (We are the fans indeed.)

This is just what the doctor ordered, thank you.

NOTE: I just ran across the anouncement at the public MFS blog - HOLY SMOKES DON'T DO IT! DO NOT SHUT IT DOWN BRUTHAS!


JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

Thank you Guy!

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