Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Alessandro Magnanini "Someway Still I Do"

Alessandro Magnanini

( Schema Records, 2009 )

01. Open Up Your Eyes (feat. Jenny B.)
02. Living’ My Life (feat. Liam McKahey)
03. So Long, Goodbye (feat. Jenny B.)
04. Secret Lover (feat. Jenny B.)
05. Greeting From Here
06. But Not For You (feat. Liam McKahey)
07. Someway Still I Do (feat. Liam McKahey)
08. Stay Into My Life (feat. Renata Tosi)
09. L’Estate E’ Qua (feat. Rosalia De Souza)
10. Suddenly
11. Something Fine (feat. Stefania Rava)
12. Blind Date Blues

Reviews :
New from Italy’s Schema label is the debut album from Alessandro Magnanini, entitled Someway I Still Do. If you previously enjoyed the music of Mario Biondi’s A Handful Of Soul album, then you will enjoy this as it follows the same vein. Magnanini is the songwriter responsible for “This Is Who You Are” and “No Mercy For Me” (both from Biondi’s A Handful Of Soul). Magnanini utilized the great pop productions from the past for his main sources of inspiration, where the melodies are predominately easy listening in style, but with a cool jazz approach. The melodies are uniquely identified along with arrangements by Claus Ogerman, among others, and are reminiscent of those that you may have heard in the style of Astrud Gilberto, the orchestral atmospheric arrangements of Shirley Bassey, and the playful evocative sounds of Henry Mancini. Alessandro Magnanini has enlisted the talents of beautiful and dreamy voices to convey his message, and they are Liam McKahey, Jenny B., Stefania Rava, Rosalia De Souza, and Renata Tosi. The entire album is comprised of original compositions which make up this imaginary soundtrack. It’s definitely worth a listen.

A real rising star on Schema Records -- composer Alessandro Magnanini, best known for his hit with Mario Biondi -- stepping out here in a beautiful album of his own original music! There's a fresh feel here that really opens up a new chapter at Schema -- still a bit of their old jazz/bossa vibe, but with a more expansive quality too -- one that embraces bits of Bacharach, snaps of 60s soundtracks, and gentler jazzier passages too -- all put together by a group that features key talents from the contemporary Italian scene -- like vocalists Rosalia De Souza and Stefania Rava, trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso, and other instrumentalists on vibes, piano, tenor, and trombone. Most instrumentation is live -- scored nicely, but not enough so that it loses the spontaneity of jazz -- and other vocals are by Jenny B and Liam McKahey. The work is really beautiful -- still mostly upbeat, but hardly just the stuff of dancefloor grooving too -- key proof that Maganini's a big talent to watch in years to come.

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