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Sly Stone ''Ten Years Too Soon'' (New Rip Re-Uploaded)

Sly Stone

''Ten Years Too Soon''
( LP Epic Records, UK, 1979 )
Catalog # EPC 83640
(New Rip Re-Uploaded)

A1 Dance To The Music 6:37
A2 Sing A Simple Song 6:04
A3 I Get High On You 5:50
B1 Everyday People 5:58
B2 You Can Make It If You Try 3:42
B3 Stand! 6:16
B4 This Is Love 2:47
*Bonus track: I Get High On You (Alt Take) 5:50

Engineer [Remix] - Michael Barbiero
Mastered By - Jose Rodriguez
Remix, Edited By - John Luongo
Written-By - S. Stewart

Original vinyl rip by JP
Format:Vinyl, Compilation
This album is impossible to find. Should be re-issued on CD. The originals are the best of course, but these remixes are really nice too.

Remix albums became quite common in the 1980s, but when Epic released this collection of Sly & The Family Stone remixes in 1979, the concept was still relatively new. Ten Years Too Soon takes several of Stone's major hits (most of them from the late 1960s) and tries to make them relevant to the disco scene of 1979. Many rock journalists cried foul and denounced this LP as cheap, shameless exploitation on Epic's part. As they saw it, Epic was committing musical blasphemy by tampering with great works of art that shouldn't have been tampered with. However, you have to take into consideration the bias of those critics; they hated disco in general and were determined to condemn this LP even before they heard it. It's true that the original versions of classics like "Sing a Simple Song," "Dance to the Music," "Everyday People," and "Stand!" were the best -- you cannot improve upon perfection, and the songs certainly didn't need remixer John Luongo to validate them. But the club-minded makeovers that Luongo provides are, for the most part, tastefully done, even though they aren't as exciting as the originals. And in all fairness, Luongo isn't trying to improve Stone's hits; he's simply putting his own spin on them. If you're a Sly Stone fan who also has a taste for disco and dance-pop, you'll find Luongo's work on this LP to be mildly intriguing, if uneven and less than essential.
By Alex Henderson (AMG)

The album called Ten Years Too Soon was put out in 1979 (now long out of print). The remixes were done by a guy named John Luongo. It got terrible reviews at the time – critics thought it was blasphemous to be tampering with the original recordings which were classics and didn’t need “improving” upon (which in some ways, they were right). The idea behind the title was that Sly’s work was ten years ahead of its time. The ironic thing is that in the years to come, remix albums would become popular items and so actually, this album actually came out “ten years too soon.” If it had come out in the late 80s, it might have been accepted a bit more. Perhaps not…
Anyhow, it is certainly interesting, if nothing else, to hear this classic song from 1968 remixed to sound like a disco song (the remix is actually decent). You be the judge…
From Beatpatrol

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