Friday, 21 August 2009

Thank You WordPress!

The hosting site service has today shut-off the My Favourite Sound© blog.
It seems that other blogs had the same situation.
Due to conversion problems, we now are unabled to return on Blogspot with the old 2.051 (!) posts.

If anyone have a rapid solution, please send us ( a drop.
Thanks in advance.

Anyway, MFS© will never died.
We starting up tomorrow with new posts here.
We return back to 0 (zero).
Ain't no stoppin' us takes a million to hold us back.

The alive & well MFS© Equipe.

Ah...we forgot to give a great THANK to WP for blocking our blog.
It was a great action, WP!


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Anonymous said...
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soultrane said...

Fucking thanks to Worpress. :-[

Long Live MFS.

Thanks for your work Jazzypier

Andy said...

Good luck Pier,Wordpress sux!

Anonymous said...



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