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The Symphony Jazz Ensemble ”Eastside Corridor”

The Symphony Jazz Ensemble

”Eastside Corridor”
( LP Red Mark Records, 1978 )
Catalog # RM 378

Side A
01 – 125th St & 7th Ave
02 – John Brown’s Body
03 – My One and Only Love
Side B
01 – Eastside Corridor
02 – Concertino for Percussion & Strings

Frank Brown Trumpet & Trombone
Mark Andres Sax & Flute
Paul Piller Trombone
Larry Dickson Sax & Clarinet
Frank Vincent Piano
Frank Proto Bass
Jim Seward Drum & Conga
Bill Platt Percussion

El Reza’s note:
Title track is nice funky cosmic jazz

Great Indie jazz with a funky edge and nice electric piano out of OHIO Inc. EASTSIDE

Courtesy of El Reza

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