Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Syl Johnson “Is It Because I’m Black”

Syl Johnson

“Is It Because I’m Black”
( LP Twinight Records, 1970 )
Catalog # LPS 1002

A1 It Is Because I’m Black (7:35)
A2 Come Together (3:15)
A3 Together, Forever (2:50)
B1 Concrete Reservation (2:27)
B2 Black Balloons (2:36)
B3 Walk A Mile In My Shoes (2:47)
B4 I’m Talkin’ Bout Freedom (3:35)
B5 Right On (7:10)

Amazing stuff! This is one of the best ever soul albums to come out of Chicago and it may well be one of the best soul albums to ever come out of the 60s! Syl Johnson mixes west side bluesy soul with some great Chicago soul arrangements by Jimmy Jones & The Pieces Of Peace and the result is one of the heaviest soul albums you’ll ever hear. The tracks are a beautiful mix of long righteous cuts like “Is It Because I’m Black” and “Right On” plus shorter groovier ones, like “Together Forever” and “I’m Talkin About Freedom”. Great stuff all round, and a real tough one to find on vinyl!

By Celo

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