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Syl Johnson “Back For A Taste Of Your Love”

Syl Johnson

“Back For A Taste Of Your Love
( LP HI Records, 1973 )
Catalog # SHL 32081

A1 Back For A Taste Of Your Love (2:32)
A2 I’m Yours (2:51)
A3 I Let A Good Girl Go (4:19)
A4 Anyway The Wind Blows (2:52)
A5 You Don’t Know Me (4:00)
B1 Feelin’ Frisky (2:55)
B2 We Did It (2:32)
B3 Wind, Blow Her Back My Way (2:23)
B4 I Hate I Walked Away (3:25)
B5 The Love You Left Behind (2:45)

One of Syl’s Hi LPs, and one in which he moves his hard Chicago soul groove over to Willie Mitchell’s production style, which has a bit more of a mellow tip to it. Syl wrote a number of the tracks, and the titles include “I’m Yours”, “Feelin’ Frisky”, “I Hate I Walked Away”, and “The Love You Left Behind”.

By Celo

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