Thursday, 27 August 2009

Rhoda Scott & Kenny Clarke “Jazz In Paris”

Rhoda Scott & Kenny Clarke

Jazz In Paris
( LP Universal International Records, 1977)

1 – Bitter Street
2 – Satin Doll
3 – It’s Impossible
4 – Speak Low
5 – Now’s the Time
6 – Out of Nowhere
7 – What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life
8 – Toe Jam
9 – On Green Dolphin Street

One of the best albums ever cut by American expatriot female organist Rhoda Scott, and a tight batch of organ/drums duets with fellow expatriot Kenny Clarke. Rhoda’s got a beautiful style here that’s sort of a mix of Larry Young’s far reaching chord approach, mixed with Charles Earland’s soulfulness, and a bit of Jack McDuff’s early bluesy touch. She dominates the whole scene, with no other soloists, and handles the task beautifully. The LP includes some nice originals — like “Bitter-Street” and “Toe Jam” — plus a handful of groovy standards like “Out Of Nowhere”, “On Green Dolphin Street”, and “Speak Low”.
From Dusty Groove America

By Celo

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