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Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes “Royal Rappin’s”

Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes

Royal Rappin’s
( LP Polydor Records, 1979 )
Catalog # PD-1-6229

A1 Sweet Music, Soft Lights, And You
A2 Feels Like The First Time
A3 You Never Cross My Mind
A4 Love Changes
A5 I Change My Mind
B1 Do You Wanna Make Love
B2 If I Had My Way
B3 If I Had Your Way
B4 You Needed Me

Royal Rappin’s certainly looks great on paper it’s the pairing of two of music’s most loquacious and sexually geared acts, Millie Jackson and Isaac Hayes but despite all its potential, the album doesn’t impress quite like it could have. A few years earlier, Hayes recorded a live double album with Dionne Warwick and the sparks were more than genuine. With Jackson and the declining Muscle Shoals sound though, it seems more like a terrible blind date that can’t end soon enough. Part of the problem is that Hayes doesn’t have any production duties and is basically dropped into a Millie Jackson album. There are a few good moments, however. “Sweet Music, Soft Lights and You” manages to capture a groove that complements their styles. Still, the pointless covers and underdone originals sink this like a stone. The slightly perked-up “You Needed Me” is weird and the disco-fied “Feels Like the First Time” is surreal. Although Hayes and Jackson’s legend of gab preceded them, the chatter here is forced and annoying, especially on “If I Had My Way” and “If You Had Your Way.” Unfortunately, Royal Rappin’s captures the worst of two great soul artists.
By Jason Elias (AMG)

By Celo

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