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Mel Brown ”Mel Brown’s Fifth”

Mel Brown

Mel Brown’s Fifth
( LP ABC/Impulse Records, 1970/71 )
Catalog # AS 9209

1. 91175 Better Days
2. 91176 Seven Forty-Seven (Airport Blues)
3. 91177 Drifting Blues
4. 91178 Luv Potion
5. 91779 Cheap At Half The Price
* Mel Brown’s Fifth (Impulse AS 9209)

Personnel & Notes:
Jimmy Davis (org, key)
Mel Brown (g, el-p, el-b, vo)
Jeff Osborne (d)
John H. Brown (vo -2)
Recorded at ABC Recording Studios,
Los Angeles, CA, October 23, 1970

Mel Brown’s fifth album — as we’d assume by the title — and a pretty darn tasty batch of funky numbers! There’s still a bit of the bluesy playing that can sometimes ruin a Mel Brown record –but the best cuts are just super-dope guitar funk numbers, either chopping along at a tight funky pace, or kicking back and letting Mel open up in kind of an O’Donel Levy mode. Plenty of tasty nubmers — including “Good Stuff”, “Time For A Change”, “Cheap At Half The Price”, and “Luv Potion”.

Note: Originally posted on the blocked WP MFS blog August 18, 2007.

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