Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Jermaine Jackson “Big Brother Jermaine, The Jermaine Jackson Collection”

“Big Brother Jermaine, The Jermaine Jackson Collection”
( LP Spectrum Music, 2007 )

1. Let’s Get Serious 3:29
2. That’s How Love Goes 3:24
3. I’m In A Different World 3:03
4. If You Don’t Love Me 2:44
5. The Bigger You Love The Harder You Fall 3:13
6. Let’s Be Young Tonight 4:54
7. Strong Love 3:14
8. Git Up & Dance 3:15
9. Got To Get To You Girl 3:25
10. Je Vous Aime Beaucomp (I Love You) 4:00
11. You Gave Me Something To Believe In 2:28
12. Isn’t She Lovely 3:32
13. Burnin’ Hot 7:50
14. All Because Of You 4:43
15. Can I Change My Mind 3:30
16. I’m Just Too Shy 3:45
17. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours 3:43
18. I Can’t Take No More 3:18
19. I’m My Brothers Keeper 4:26
20. Let Me Tickle Your Fancy

Great collection of recordings from the second most popular member of the Jackson 5 (you have four guesses who the most popular member is…and it’s not Tito!). When the Jackson 5 left Motown and became the Jacksons, Jermaine chose to remain under Berry Gordy’s watchful eye and scored a handful of hits on the R&B charts. 20 of his greatest songs are here including ‘Let’s Get Serious’, ‘Bigger You Love, Harder You Fall’, ‘That’s How Love Goes’ and more.

By Celo

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