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Houston Person & Ron Carter ”Now’s The Time”

Houston Person & Ron Carter

Now’s The Time
( Muse Records, 1990 )
Catalog # MC-5421

01. Bemsha Swing
02. Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most
03. Einbahnstrasse
04. Memories of You
05. Quiet Nights
06. If You Could See Me Now
07. Now’s the Time
08. Since I Fell for You
09. Little Waltz

Houston Person – tenor sax
Ron Carter – bass
Released: 01.01.90

If I can say one thing about jazz is that it’s unpredictable. For me, it’s unpredictable in every aspects. First and the obvious one is the music itself, and the thing I want to convey is that it’s impossible to know all forms of jazz. There’re literally thousands and thousands of artists and different genre of jazz that to know and listen to them all is an impossible task. To me, just when I thought I am “ok” with what I have, I would then found that there’re more out there that I haven’t heard. Like this album, Now’s The Time, put out by Houston Person & Ron Carter. The duet album that involved just Ron Carter on bass and Houston Person working the tenor saxophone. From beginning to end, Houston’s soulful tone and Ron’s swinging bass rock me to my core. Now, there’s nothing “impressive” about Houston’s technique or Ron’s bass line, but combine them together and you get something completely new. Like this track, “Since I fell For You”, delivered just about everything that one could expect from a duet.
Ron’s bass played like dutiful dancer to provide Houston a chance to shine like a star.
If there’s a complain, it would be that it is so damn tasteful that it doesn’t improvise much. Another minor disappointment is this album is out of print.
From Jazzeattle

By Pier

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