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Greg Hatza ”The Wizardry Of Greg Hatza”, ”Organized Jazz” & ”To A New Place”

Greg Hatza

The Wizardry Of Greg Hatza”, ”Organized Jazz” & ”To A New Place

Greg Hatza is an American jazz organist from Reading, Pennsylvania.
Hatza started on piano at age five, and switched to organ at age fifteen. He played professionally from age sixteen, working for four years at Lenny Moore’s club. He recorded two full-length albums for Coral Records in the late 1960s with guitarist Eric Gale and drummer Grady Tate, then switched to electric keyboards in the 1970s as the organ’s popularity waned. He returned to playing the organ in the 1990s after hearing Joey DeFrancesco play, and recorded again as a leader with his ensemble The Greg Hatza ORGANization.
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* The Wizardry of Greg Hatza (Coral Records, 1967)
* Organized Jazz (Coral, 1968)
* The Greg Hatza ORGANization (Palmetto Records, 1993)
* In My Pocket (Palmetto, 1996)
* Snake Eyes (Palmetto, 1998)
* To a New Place (I-Ching, 2001)

In the mid-’70s, organist Greg Hatza recorded two albums for Coral and then was virtually forgotten for 20 years before recording The Greg Hatza ORGANization in the mid-’90s for Palmetto, showing that he had not lost anything despite the years of obscurity. At the age of five, Hatza had his first piano lessons, but it was a decade later when he discovered the organ and permanently switched instruments and taught himself. He began working at age 16, played at football player Lenny Moore’s club for four years, and recorded his two early records. But after the organ dropped in popularity in the 1970s, Hatza switched for a long period to electric keyboards. However, after hearing Joey DeFrancesco play in 1993, Hatza was persuaded by the young organist (who was familiar with his records) to return to the organ, and he soon signed with Palmetto.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

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Here on the blog we present the review clips of three LPs of The Greg Hatza ORGAN-ization.
Take a listen then tell to us what you mean!

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