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Climax Blues Band ”Gold Plated”

Climax Blues Band

”Gold Plated”
( LP Sire Records, 1976 )
Catalog # SASD-7523

A1 Together And Free (3:52)
A2 Mighty Fire (4:31)
A3 Chasing Change (4:49)
A4 Berlin Blues (3:35)
B1 Couldn’t Get It Right (3:19)
B2 Rollin’ Home (3:10)
B3 Sav’ry Gravy (4:56)
B4 Extra (3:38)

Format:Vinyl, LP, Gatefold Sleeve

Gold is right — after gradually building their reputation a series of nine LPs, the Climax Blues Band finally enjoyed a serious hit single with “Couldn’t Get It Right,” which hit number three on the American charts and led to this album and then two years of almost constant touring. The group is at its most laid-back here, slipping more into a funk than a blues groove for most of Gold Plated’s length. They keep some elements of their earlier sound, such as Peter Haycock’s searing guitar solo on “Mighty Fire,” but those looking for the group’s unabashed older style will have to content themselves with just three numbers here: “Berlin Blues,” with its chiming overlaid and over-amplified guitars, or the slow, Chicago blues-style “Rollin’ Home,” and the high-energy “Extra.” Most of the album, however, is oriented toward the less high-energy, slightly more pop-focused sound exemplified by “Couldn’t Get It Right,” which still sounds irresistible a quarter century after its original release.
By Bruce Eder (AMG)

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