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Charles Earland ”Live At The Bop Shop”

Charles Earland

Live At The Bop Shop
( Bootleg, 1995 )

Vince Hector – drums
Dave Samson – guitar
Lou Solof – trumpet
Eric Alexander – tenor sax

Lupo’s Note:
The file is just one, length about 80min.
As it is a life recording, it makes no sense to cut the file into pieces.
Recorded 01 january 1995
There is no cover or liner notes, no review.
It’s a boot leg, a recording made on new year’s eve 1995 at the Bop Shop in Chicago.
Mr. Earland played together with Vince Hector, David Samson, Lou Solof and Eric Alexander.

“I’ve fallen in love again,” says Charles Earland after his live New Year’s Eve broadcast from Chicago’s Bop Shop over National Public Radio. His love for the real Hammond organ (which he partied with that night alongside trumpeter Lew Soloff and the young tenor sensation Eric Alexander) is most apparent. More importantly, this night proved once again that when the Mighty Burner sits down at the real McCoy, there’s no other groover who can reach that temperature.
More info here.

Courtesy of Lupo

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