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Cal Green “Trippin’ With Cal Green”

Cal Green

“Trippin’ With Cal Green”
( LP Mutt & Jeff records, 1969 )
Catalog # Mutt & Jeff 001

1 – Trippin’
2 – Sweet September
3 – Days of Wine and Roses
4 – Sieda
5 – My Cherie Amour
6 – Mellow in Blue
7 – Johnny’s Gone to Vietnam

The back cover of this one says “This Album Should Be Titled MONSTER” and for once, the back cover is right! The album’s the only one we’ve ever seen by the super-dope LA guitarist Cal Green a wonderful talent with a hard-edge approach to the strings, one that’s a bit like that of George Freeman, but a bit more laidback and spaced out. You might know Green from his work on albums by organist Charles Kynard and Kynard joins green here in a sweet little quartet session with some very funky moments. The album’s got a killer original called “Trippin’” which has some super-wonderful work on guitar and it’s also got some surprisingly great covers of “Days Of Wine & Roses” and “My Cherie Amour”, taken with the chromatic wandering style of Eddie Fisher. Other highlights are the originals “Sieda”, and “Mellow In Blue”, plus the slightly offbeat “Johnny’s Gone To Vietnam”. A monster indeed!
From Dusty Groove America

The back cover of Trippin’ with Cal Green bears the message “This Album Should Be Titled MONSTER,” and it’s the absolute truth — this blissed-out psychedelic jazz opus boasts some of the most extraordinarily funky guitar ever committed to vinyl. Best known for his collaboration with acid jazz pioneer Charles Kynard, who contributes some incendiary organ here, Green deserves mention in the same breath as fellow post-Wes Montgomery greats Grant Green and Eddie Fisher — his vividly soulful leads are somehow both earthy and otherworldly. His virtuosity even transcends paint-by-numbers originals like “Mellow in Blue” and “Johnny’s Gone to Vietnam” — the album’s highlight is nevertheless its hypnotic cover of Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour.”
By Jason Ankeny (AMG)

By Celo

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