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Brother Jack McDuff ”To Seek A New Home”

Brother Jack McDuff

”To Seek A New Home
( LP Blue Note Records, 1970 )
Catalog # BLP 4348

Tracklisting :
A-01. Yellow Wednesday
A-02. Come And Carry Me Home
A-03. Mystic John
B-01. Hunk O’ Funk
B-02. Seven Keys For Seven Doors

Personnel :
Martin Drover, Terry Noonan, Bud Parks (tp)
John Bennett, Adrian Drover (tb)
David Statham, Willie Watson (frh)
Norman Leppard, Dick Morrissey, Jack Whitford, Dave Willis (reeds, fl)
Typhena Partridge (harp)
J.J. Jackson (p, per)
Brother Jack McDuff (org, p)
Terry Smith (g)
Larry Steele (el-b)
Trevor Armstrong (d)
Recorded at Island Studios,
London, England, March 23, 1970

Terry Smith (g)
Peter Chapman (b)
Debrah Long (voice)
Jerry Long (voice, arr) replaces Steele
Island Studios, London, England, March 25, 1970

Martin Drover, Bud Parks (tp)
John Bennett (tb)
Adrian Drover (tb -2)
Norman Leppard, Dick Morrissey (ts, fl)
J.J. Jackson (p, per, arr, chant -1, arr -2)
Brother Jack McDuff (org)
Chris Parren (el-p -2)
Terry Smith (g)
Larry Steele (el-b)
Phil Leaford (d)
Island Studios, London, England, March 26, 1970

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