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Bobby Williams “Funky Superfly”

Bobby Williams

“Funky Superfly”
( LP R&R Records, 1974 )
Catalog # LP330

1 – Funky Superfly (Parts 1)
2 – Funky Superfly (Parts 2)
3 – All The Time
4 – Let’s Jam
5 – Get Into It
6 – Let’s Work A While
7 – Make Yourself Funky
8 – Soul Brother Party
9 – Fair Trade
10 – You Need Love Like I Do

Arranged By - Bobby Williams
Producer - Robert Reese

One of THE all-time indie funk classics of the 70s, the standout LP by Bobby Williams, an obscure James Brown-styled vocalist with a really great sound! The style here cops plenty from JB at his funkiest, but that’s A-OK with me, because Bobby gets that sound so completely right, and the raw production of the album make the record sound a good deal grittier than most of The Godfather’s more mainstream records from the time. There’s a hard-jamming quality to most of the numbers, with lots of tight horns, fast-romping rhythms, and calls from Bobby out to the band, who are more than happy to respond to his groove!

Covers here.

By Celo

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