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Betty Wright “Betty Travelin’ In The Wright Circle”

Betty Wright

“Betty Travelin’ In The Wright Circle”
( LP Alston Records, 1979 )
Catalog # ALS-4410

A1 – I’m Telling You Now (4:44)
A2 – Child Of The Man (4:24)
A3 – You’re Just What I Need (4:05)
A4 – My Love Is (5:48)
B1 – Open The Door To Your Heart / Love Train (5:18)
B2 – I Believe It’s Love (4:04)
B3 – Thank You For The Many Things You’ve Done (5:52)
B4 – Listen To The Music (Dance) (5:10)

Betty Wright produced this final Alston release herself, and it’s easy to understand why Henry Stone (Alston’s owner) shelved it until the end of his association with the singer. Wright, who, as a teen, belted out “Clean Up Woman” like a bona fide tramp, brings none of that intensity to these sessions. A coupling of Darrell Banks’ “Open the Door to Your Heart” and the O’Jays’ “Love Train” falls flat. Like Wright’s vocals, the songs lack conviction, passion, and depth. The lilting ballad “Thank You for the Many Things You’ve Done” is the most satisfying cut — which isn’t saying much, considering the quality of the other songs. “Listen to the Music (Dance)” attempts to reach the disco market, but instead will have listeners reaching for the off switch.
By Andrew Hamilton (AMG)

By Celo

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