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Barney Wilen “Moshi”

Barney Wilen

( 2xLP Saravah Records, France, 1972 )
Catalog # SH 1028/29

A1 Moshi (17:00)
A2 Giulde’s Song To Binkirri (2:55)
B1 Gardenia Devil (6:00)
B2 14 Temps (4:50)
B3 Bamako Koulikaro (3:50)
B4 Afrika Freak Out (6:20)
C1 Zombizar (7:20)
C2 El Hadji (0:24)
C3 Chechaoun (12:00)
D1 Tindi Abalessa (10:25)
D2 El Hadji (1:00)
D3 Balandji In Bobo (3:06)
D4 Sannu Ne Gheniyo (5:20)
D5 El Hadji (0:20)

Personnel & Credits:
Artwork By – Henri Touitou
Composed By – Barney Wilen (tracks: B1, B4, C1, D4),
Caroline De Bendern (tracks: B1, C1, D4)
Producer – Pierre Barouh
Recorded By – Daniel Valancien

Gatefold cover. Recorded in Studio Saravah.
“Gardenia Devil” is taken from a poem of the chinese people.
All other uncredited composed by tracks based on traditional folk songs.
Reissue of the 1972 album with a different cover and number.

Rare French 2LP free Jazz folk afro, A wild and groundbreaking record recorded by the great French tenor player Barney Wilen! Although he got his start as a bebopper in the 50’s, Wilen sort of dropped out of sight by the end of the 60’s and only emerged from time to time to cut strangely experimental sides. This record is unlike anything he ever made, and features a wild mix of African rhythms, ambient sound, and Wilen’s deep deep tenor. By this point, Wilen had been absorbing a lot of different influences, from Coltrane, to Pharoah Sanders, to some of the European free players, and his sound is a weird mish mash of styles that weaves in and out of all the stuff on the record. It’s a haunting bit of afro jazz and funky noise, with some cuts that are spacey, and others that are nice and funky. Includes the cuts “Afrika Freak Out” and “Zombizar”, plus lots of other goodies!
From Dusty Groove America

By Celo


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I have the Dear Prof. Leary LP and I'm looking forward to hearing this one. Thanks as always!

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