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Kjell Ohman "Organ Jazz"

Kjell Ohman

"Organ Jazz"
( LP Discofon Records, Sweden, 1968 )
Catalog # DELP 5004

A1 - Feudin and Fightin 02:25
A2 - Sherri 03:14
A3 - Rosetta 03:02
A4 - Maybe Its Nothing At All 03:34
B1 - Summerwind 04:07
B2 - Skating In Central Park 04:18
B3 - Feppe 03:21
B5 - Cry 03:54
B6 - Minni 04:20

Swedens answer to Jimmy Smith - Kjell Ohman, probably (still) the most outstanding organist in Sweden...
Recorded at: Metronome Studio, Stockholm, November 1968.

By Celo


Anonymous said...


Bill said...

Always nice to hear new jazz organ! Thanks Cello for the share.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this old Kjell Öhman record! I have heard him before, but not on a record as far back as from the swinging 60s.

He has a really great right hand, and great feeling, but unfortunately he doesn't play the bass lines himself, so it's hard to judge how good he really is.

A complete jazz organ player handles the bass lines himself in my book.

I believe Pierre Svärd might be the best complete jazz organist in Sweden of today.

Thanks again.

/Jazz Organ Fan

Andy said...

I agree with Bill,nice to hear new sounds and artists.Thanks Celo

Jürgen said...

obviously, Celo hasn't heard something about Pierre Swärd. He is one of the funkiest organists in whole Europe. Listen to his Cds:
- Jazz 'n' Soul
- Groove Factor
- Up And At It

nevertheless, Öhmann is great.

Celo said...

Sorry but not my notes...i found them on the Web...

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