Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Blowfly "Zodiac"


( LP Weird World Records, 1975 )
Catalog # WEI - 2023

1. Butterfly's Intro
2. All You Ho's Chorus
3. Aries - If Eating You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right
4. Taurus - The First Time Ever You Sucked My Dick
5. Gemini - I Know A Place
6. Leo - Sophisticated Sissy
7. Cancer - If She Don't Want It
8. Sagittarius - Everyday I Have To Suck Some
9. Virgo - Ain't No Head Like My Woman's Head
10. Pisces - My Bitch
11. Libra - Let's Suck Together
12. Capricorn - Katey Pearl
13. Scorpio - Clean-Up Woman
14. Aquarius - Butterfly's Outro

Personnel & Credits:
lowfly - Vocals
James Echols - Graphic Design
Robert Ferguson - Drums
Benny Latimore - Keyboards
Jerome Smith - Guitar
Henry Stone - Executive Producer
Freddy Stonewall - Engineer
Timmy Thomas - Keyboards

This is pure genius. Not for the easily offended. This record has dope beats and the funniest lyrics.
So sit back relax and let the Blowfly sing and the Butterfly read you your horoscope.
Everyone that I turn on to the Blowfly seems to be an instant convert. This album just might be his best.

By Celo


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sounds great, thanks !

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