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Eric Kloss "Bodies' Warmth"

Eric Kloss

"Bodies' Warmth"
( LP Muse Records, 1975 )
Catalog # 5077

1. Lady (3:20) [Eric Kloss]
2. Joni (7:01) [Eric Kloss]
3. Bodies' Warmth (11:55) [Eric Kloss]
4. Scarboriugh Fair (2:58) [Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel]
5. Mystique (5:22) [Eric Kloss]
6. Headin' Out (9:46) [Eric Kloss]

Personnel & Credits:
Eric Kloss -Sax
Barry Miles - Keyboards
Vic Juris - Guitar
Harvie Swartz - Bass
Tery Silverlight - Drums

Produced by Michael Cuscuna
Engineered and Mixer: Ed Stasium
Recorded at Venture Sound, Somerville, NJ, June 24&25, 1975
Art direction and cover illustration by Hal Wilson
Barry Miles appears cortesy of London Records
RECORDED: JUNE 24,25, 1975

Also on Bacoso's Orgy In Rhythm blog.

By Celo

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