Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Blowfly "Butterfly"


( LP Weird World, 1975 )
Catalog # WW-2025

1 Intro
2 Rap Dirty
3 More Cracker Lies
4 Could Have Been Worse
5 Suck Train
6 Easter Bunny
7 Tarzan
8 Crackers Kiss My Ass
9 Beaver Chase
10 W Fuck
11 Niggaz Ain't Shit
12 Juice It Up
13 Big Game Hunter
14 Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)
15 2 Niggaz in a Bar
16 Integrated Education
17 Fart Contest
18 Outro

Personnel & Credits:
Blowfly Vocals, Producer
Robert Ferguson Drums
Richard Finch Bass
Benny Latimore Keyboards, Synthesizer Strings
Mike Lewis Strings, Horn
Little Beaver Guitar
George "Chocolate" Perry Bass
Jerome Smith Guitar
Freddy Stonewall Engineer
Timmy Thomas Keyboards, Orchestra
Wildfire Vocals (bckgr)

All songs written by Clarence Reid
Produced by Blowfly
More info here.

By Celo

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