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Assim Assado "Assim Assado"

Assim Assado

"Assim Assado"
( LP CID Records, Brasil, 1974 )
Catalog # 8003

1. Viva Crioula
(Miguel de Deus)
2. Na Boca da Estrada
(Miguel de Deus)
3. Até
(Miguel de Deus / Vanir Roberto)
4. Sombras
(Miguel de Deus / Fernando Rangel)
5. Morena
(Miguel de Deus)
6. Pedaços
(Miguel de Deus / Adolfo)
7. Sol Amarelocinza
(Miguel de Deus)
8. Rock Blue
(Miguel de Deus)
9. Sol, Sal, Sol Tropical
(Miguel de Deus)
10. Lunática Marciana
(Miguel de Deus / Marciana)

The band name and album cover reveal explicitly the impact of: Dry and Wet. Investing in androgyny, progressive rock and samba-soul, Just Baked tried to be a response of small Industrial Company Records to the enormous success that the Dry and Wet made by the young audience. Lead by Miguel de Deus (ex crests), who signed most of the compositions and takes the guitar and vocals, the group never got off the ground, leaving only this single disc, now almost forgotten. Curiosity: In 1977 Michael of God (Miguel De Deus) falls headlong into funk, throwing the very interesting (and rare) "Black Soul Brothers"

By Celo

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