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Sonny Stitt & Bunky Green ''My Main Man''

Sonny Stitt & Bunky Green

''My Main Man''
( LP Argo Records, 1964 )
Catalog # LPS-744

Flame & Frost
Let's Play Chess
Double Dip
Our Day
Night Has 1000 Eyes

Dorel Anderson - Drums
Bobby Buster - Organ
Joe Diorio - Guitar
Bennie Green - Trombone
Sonny Stitt - Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)

Original Release Date: March 10, 1964
Reissues: Argo UCCC-9077, Argo 9077, GRP Records

Bennie Green was no where near the technician Stitt was. In fact, his trombone vocabulary precedes J. J. Johnson's and the bebop revolution of Bird and Diz. Nevertheless, Sonny and Bennie sounded like soul mates on the two occasions I caught them together at McKee's Show Lounge 63rd and Cottage in Chicago. Their meetings didn't produce the sparks of Stitt and Jug (Gene Ammons) but a spirit of rare camaraderie (Stitt could be an ornery loner). On this session, Green's broad, open sound comes through better than in person (he was playing without a mike in front of a Hammond B3 when I caught him), and Sonny exercises restraint and good taste in deference to his good friend and worthy musical companion. (The title track and two others can also be found on a Stitt anthology called "How High the Moon.") Another recommended album by the pair is "Pow."
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Pier's Note:
Simply fantastic! A great thank to our dear friend Bill for this gem!

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